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The Food and Drug Administration (and the author’s in-laws) have not approved of this course’s contents.

The Food and Drug Administration (and the authors’ in-laws) have not approved of this book’s contents. The information provided is intended for informational and educational purposes only.  It is not intended to constitute or substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice rendered by a qualified medical practitioner.

The author does not take responsibility for any self-administration of the medicines or tonics herein described. The content is not intended to diagnose or to provide exclusive treatment for any specific medical condition; medical advice should be consulted directly with a physician or other qualified practitioner. The authors do not take personal or legal responsibility for anything the reader may or may not do with the information contained herein.

The reader understands that the field of placental encapsulation is an unregulated field and will seek medical advice before applying therapy.

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Placental Stem-Cells At-Home Method: Training For Parents

This four-module intensive will walk you step by step through the information and methods to safely and successfully administer placental stem cells. Discover just how easy it is to access the medicinal properties of the placenta.

Why We're So Excited:

For the first time ever, information that was previously vaulted away in professional training courses is now accessible to parents! This course is a step-by-step guide for how to give your child a high volume oral dose of placental stem cells. It's extremely through but it's also been ruthlessly condensed--you're having a baby after all! We've cut the 'impressive sounding jargon' and prepared as clear and concise instructions as possible. Our pro-course is delivered on a platinum online platform that contains videos and multimedia downloads, (PDFs, audio, and webinar replays)

Module One: The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Discover just what all the excitement about stem cells is really all about—what’s hype, and what is really possible what regenerative medicine. Understand how it works and what it is capable of doing for your child.

Module Two: Preparing The Patient For Stem Cell Therapy

Get detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your Stem-Cell Therapy (SCT).
Learn how to prepare the patient's body for SCT with our customized conditioning therapy diet and sleep regimen based off the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's cellular therapy nutrition guidelines.

Overactive immune systems cause chronic inflammation and can significantly reduce the body’s ability to accept donated stem cells. Our dietary regimen will reduce inflammation in the body and makes a significant difference in therapy outcomes.

Module Three: Safe Handling Between Birth & Preparation

You’ll have access to detailed pro-level instructions on how to be prepared to receive the placenta. Learn the possible environmental contaminants that render the placenta unsuitable for raw consumption and what other methods of preparation a specialist could still achieve if these environmental contaminants are present. Proper storage recommendations are laid out as well as safe handling instructions.

 Module Four: Placenta Inspection and Administration

In this module you’ll learn how to examine the placenta to ensure it’s safe for consumption. Learn contraindications to look for and what the normalcy ranges are for color, smell, and touch. Learn the possible placental abnormalities, and know the labor and maternal conditions that render the placenta unsuitable for internal raw consumption. You'll also have the opportunity to contact our professionally trained placental specialist Ashely Houchin who can take a look at your placenta in case there's a question of safety.

Discover which parts of the placenta have the highest concentration of stem cells and how to select your piece for consumption. Get step-by-step instructions on how to properly drain the placenta and how to administer stem cells to a small child. Get proper dosage recommendations to administer by age and learn what time of day and stomach pairings are best for this treatment.

Personal Consult

For those who would like our VIP track, Ashley has an additional offering where you get

-Everything in 4-module course plus:

-Pre-birth consultation for parents to ask any questions or discuss concerns

-Placenta preparation specialist will be available for a video call within 24 hours of birth

-During this video call, the specialist will take the time to thoroughly inspect the placenta and ask questions surrounding the labor and delivery to ensure safety for raw consumption

-The specialist will remain available for any questions or concerns as well

An upgrade offer will present after you check out for this upgraded option.