Placental Stem Cell Consultant Training Payment Plan

12 monthly payments of $37.00 USD

Subtotal: 12 monthly payments of $37.00 USD
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Essential Oils Birth Consultant Certification 12 monthly payments of $19.00 USD
Due Now: $56.00 USD
Due Now: $37.00 USD

A Placental Stem Cell Consultant is an informational specialist on the benefits of placental-derived stem cells, who also advises on safe-handling and ensures the placenta is safe for consumption. They provide evidenced-based information and professional support for parental administration of the raw placenta for children with genetic disorders, autoimmune diseases, vaccine injuries, and other conditions. A PSCC does not retain health records, diagnose conditions, make guarantees of the therapy's effectiveness, or administer the placenta.

Our Classes Are Career-Focused & 100% Online 

A Brilliant Birth Academy certification course is an condensed learning experience. Our curriculum is delivered in three digital formats—Video, MP3, and PDF—so you can watch, listen, or read from anywhere in the world.

Payment Includes Training, Examination, & A Life-Time Certification with Continuing Education Optional

Upon completion of the course you will be able to sit for our examination and upon passing, will be permanently certified as a Placental Stem Cell Consultant. We don't believe in making you pay high yearly fees to 'maintain certification' without giving you back any real value. That's why we're creating a value-packed continuing education program  that is voluntary and awesome.


Our courses come with a hassle-free, money back guarantee 30 days into the course. Applicants must show completed assignments to qualify for a refund.

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Placental Stem Cell Consultant Training Payment Plan 12 monthly payments of $37.00 USD
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Essential Oils Birth Consultant Certification 12 monthly payments of $19.00 USD
Due Now $56.00 USD
Due Now $37.00 USD

Welcome to the Academy!

This is a one time offer of our Essential Oils Birth Consultant course at an amazing discount AND on a payment plan. 

The Food and Drug Administration (and the authors’ in-laws) have not approved of this courses' contents. The information provided is intended for informational and educational purposes only.  It is not intended to constitute or substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice rendered by a qualified medical practitioner.

The author does not take responsibility for any self-administration of the medicines or tonics herein described. The content is not intended to diagnose or to provide exclusive treatment for any specific medical condition; medical advice should be consulted directly with a physician or other qualified practitioner. The authors do not take personal or legal responsibility for anything the Placental Stem Cell Consultant may do with the information contained herein. Brilliant Birth Academy is committed to the safety of the families we serve. If it becomes apparent in the future that this treatment procedure carries a risk for parental administration of the placenta, we reserve the right to shut the program offering down along with all marketing and provider support. Applicants understand that they are being trained in an experimental procedure and outcomes are still being analyzed.