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The information provided is intended for informational and educational purposes only.  It is not intended to constitute or substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice rendered by a qualified medical practitioner. The Food and Drug Administration have not approved of this courses' contents. 

The directors do not take responsibility for any self-administration of the medicines or tonics herein described. The content is not intended to diagnose or to provide exclusive treatment for any specific medical condition; medical advice should be consulted directly with a physician or other qualified practitioner. The course directors do not take personal or legal responsibility for anything the Placenta Encapsulator may do with the information contained herein. Brilliant Birth Academy is committed to the safety of the families we serve. If it becomes apparent in the future that this treatment procedure carries risk we are not presently aware of, we reserve the right to shut the program offering down along with all marketing and provider support. 

I understand that course purchase does not guarantee certification. In order to practice as a Placenta Encapsulator I need to complete two 'outside' requirements: get a food handler's certification, and get a blood born pathogens certification or submit proof of exiting completion status. I understand that I have to get a passing grade of 70% in order to be certified.

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Placenta Encapsulator Certification Course Full Payment

A Placenta Encapsulator is a healing birthworker who prepares the placenta into potent therapeutic remedies to nourish and rejuvenate newborn mothers during the critical postpartum period.

At Brilliant Birth Academy, we're here to certify your calling and partner together as we work to bring every baby into a world that feels like love.

Our Classes Are Career-Focused & 100% Online 
A Brilliant Birth Academy certification course is an condensed learning experience through video-conferencing/live teamwork, personalized feedback, coaching, curated trainings, and projects. You'll be up-leveled as we give you all the training, all the tech tools, and marketing know-how you need to build an amazing business. These tools work across all birth-work services and can support your other offerings as well.

Our curated trainings come in concise, absorbable 20-40 minute lessons delivered inside our premium online platform. Our curriculum is delivered in video and PDF format so you can watch, listen, or read from anywhere in the world.

You'll Be Inspired, & Learn How To Inspire Others
The marketing workshops will enable you to clearly explain what you do, and have those important 'closing the deal conversations'. We graduate students who feel confident in explaining the science behind why families are getting these amazing results and feel confident in their services.

Payment Includes Training, Examination, & Life-Time Certification with Continuing Education Optional

Upon completion of the course you will be able to sit for our examination and upon passing, will be permanently certified as a Certified Placental Encapsulator. We don't believe in making you pay high yearly fees to 'maintain certification' without giving you back any real value. That's why we're creating a value-packed continuing education program rolling out this year, that will be voluntary (and awesome).

To ask a question please email our Brilliant-Thrill-Joy team at [email protected]

Our courses come with a hassle-free, money back guarantee for the first 30 days of the course.