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Brilliant Branding For Birth Professionals

Do you want to serve more people and elevate your whole business this year?

If the reality of your service business is less than what you’ve envisioned for yourself and for families; I promise you there is no other time ‘working on your business’ that will have a higher return on investment than the time you spend on branding (and not just because the course is free!).

Branding creates a powerful filter that will bring alignment and momentum to your business; it’s also the easiest way to tell the greatest amount of people just how amazing your work is. When you clearly communicate your passions, the problems you solve, and the world you want to help create, you’ll attract dream client partnerships and achieve the price your service is worth.

So how are we going to do this?

The Brilliant Branding Series is a 20+ full-length, actionable course that will help you uncover your brand through the Discover, Define, Design, & Deliver process that demonstrates with short but deep courses on how to create tangible business assets that will elevate your whole business. Together we’ll develop your business with values, a brand identity system, a position statement, your about me page, and show you how to use client testimonials, media, and color, effectively.

Well, you might start this course thinking your brand is just your logo, but your brand is your company's soul: it’s how your deepest passions connect with your ideal client’s deepest challenges to create a partnership and investment into the new world your business is here to usher in.

If you’re killing it in your business and want to share louder, clearer, and stronger how amazing you are—this is the course for you.

If you’re burnt out, broke, struggling to figure out who you are and why people should pay you for what you do—this is the course for you.

Join the course and let us invest in your prosperity and service for all the millions of babies that will be born--this year! 

What People Are Saying:

“Brilliant Birth Academy's Business course is exactly what a new business owner needs to feel confident that they CAN do this. The lessons are in depth enough to cover everything you need to do to be successful without being so long that they are impossible to complete. I believe my business will be more successful thanks to BBA's efforts to make this course accessible, easy to follow, and relatable to all kinds of birth workers.”

Jessica M

“I've paid for marketing and branding webinars before and each one had a gold nugget of useful information buried underneath a muck of useless and outdated advice. Imagine if someone gathered all the golden branding nuggets and deposited them into a treasure trove of the most applicable, most practical, most effective tools to turn potential clients from "this is interesting" to "I'm calling her" and you have this course.”

Heather B.

“Brilliant Branding has been an insightful and thought provoking training package. The courses offered in this module have completely changed the way I had thought about my service offer, my business sustainability and scalability in the future. I know that the knowledge and insights I have attained will be paramount in building my business and will drive the success that I previously has not thought possible. By teaching psychology of perceived value and marketing strategies, I am empowered to make smarter and more business focused decisions. These modules have taught me how offering a low price for a quality service is not what many clients will value and after taking this course my ideology of a simple and affordable service has been shaped into a professional and sustainable service. I know that content of these courses is imperative to the success of my business and I highly recommend the Brilliant Branding series. Thank you Brilliant Birth Academy!”

Tara W