Every Tribe Every Nation Scholarship Application Page

Welcome to the Every Tribe, Every Nation Scholarship Application Page. Please watch this video carefully for full instructions, terms and conditions, and a walk through of what the application process will be like. 

Brilliant Birth Academy operates in quarterly live launch cycles in order to create a transformational student experience. Only live launches are open for application. 

Please select one certification course offer to the right to apply to, and copy the coupon code associated with that course. 

Do not purchase the offer without entering the code or you will be charged. (If this happens, please contact customer assistance at steph@brilliantbirthacademy

By purchasing this, you agree that you intend to certify with the program you are applying to. 

Lastly, please note the price shown on the platform's right hand window is incorrect. The correct charge with the required coupon code is a $29.00 dollar application fee, and no charge if the program is completed to certification. 

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